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About Us

Rev. Elizabeth Stone


Connection with faith, connection with others, connection with Scripture - its truths and people in its pages who are just like us - is my calling.  Linking ourselves to God through understanding His Word, and sharing it together, that's my work and my service.  Doing so with passion and integrity, that's my vocation.  

How can I help you?

Our Peeps


Churchy people.  Or non-churchy people. These are our peeps.  Curious people, determined people, shy people, wise people, seeking people, found people, we want to engage with all of you, because we're not proud and will talk to anyone.  About anything.  Not afraid of the hard questions, the hard topics, or the conscientious objectors. 

Erin Stone


Co-author and daughter extraordinaire, Erin advocates all the time.  She advocates for life, she advocates for health, and she advocates for free cookies at all our events.  Her story, her candor, her vulnerability make her an invaluable asset to our ministry, and she works with youth, camps, and schools. 

About the Work

We believe

WVLSM is a faith-based Christian ministry.  We believe our loving and holy God exists and has saved the world through Jesus Christ.  


We worship God, Who does not hide from us but reveals divine love and grace through the inerrant Word, the Bible.  


Spiritual problems need spiritual solutions.  Our books, products, and events are for the healing of souls.

Bradley Church ~ The Church You Will Call Home

Worship at 9:30, Sunday School at 10:30 a.m.

Sadly, my time as pastor of Bradley Presbyterian Church has come to an end.  December 30, 2018 was our last worship service together, and after ten and a half wonderful years of being their pastor, God has called me to new fields in Kentucky.  

Bradley is a great come-as-you-are family church, loving and friendly.  In 2019 they will celebrate their 70th anniversary at the annual picnic this summer.  Find them on Facebook, and join them for their special celebration. 

Bradley Presbyterian Church,
           310 Maple Lane, 
Bradley, West Virginia 25818

Bradley Presbyterian Church, 310 Maple Lane, Bradley, West Virginia 25818