Elizabeth Stone ~ speaker and author

Speaking into life: Peeps and Purpose

Rev. Elizabeth Stone


Speaker and author Elizabeth Stone brings faith to real life issues - the good and the bad - because the God of the Bible is still loving, faithful, and relevant.   Acclaimed as a speaker, preacher, author and blogger, Beth's gift is connecting the Scriptures to life in meaningful and practical ways, making the Good News real to us.  Her experience and honesty, sprinkled with a large dose of humor, encourages us to not just survive, but thrive in God's world.   

Our Peeps


Churchy people.  Or non-churchy people. These are our peeps.  Curious people, determined people, shy people, wise people, seeking people, found people, we want to engage with all of you, because we're not proud and will talk to anyone.  About anything.  Not afraid of the hard questions, the hard topics, or the conscientious objectors. 

Erin Stone


Co-author and daughter extraordinaire, Erin advocates all the time.  She advocates for life, she advocates for health, and she advocates for free cookies at all our events.  Her story, her candor, her vulnerability make her an invaluable asset to our ministry, and she works with youth, camps, and schools. 

About the Work

We believe

WVLSM is a faith-based Christian ministry.  We believe our loving and holy God exists and has saved the world through Jesus Christ.  


We worship God, Who does not hide from us but reveals divine love and grace through the inerrant Word, the Bible.  


Spiritual problems need spiritual solutions.  Our books, products, and events are for the healing of souls.