Elizabeth Stone: speaker ~ author

Speaking into life: Peeps and Purpose

Elizabeth Stone


Speaker and author Elizabeth Stone brings faith to real life issues - the good and the bad - because the God of the Bible is still loving, faithful, and relevant.   Acclaimed as a speaker, preacher, author and blogger, Beth's gift is connecting the Scriptures to life in meaningful and practical ways, making the Good News real and practical.  Her experience and honesty, sprinkled with a large dose of humor, encourages us to not just survive, but thrive in God's world.   

Our Peeps


Churchy people.  Or non-churchy people. These are our peeps.  Curious people, determined people, shy people, wise people, seeking people, found people, we want to engage with all of you, because we're not proud and will talk to anyone.  About anything.  Not afraid of the hard questions, the hard topics, or the conscientious objectors. 

Erin Stone


Co-author and daughter extraordinaire, Erin advocates all the time.  She advocates for life, she advocates for health, and she advocates for free cookies at all our events.  Her story, her candor, her vulnerability make her an invaluable asset to our ministry, and she speaks with youth, camps, at conferences and schools.  Erin's latest project is: the thriving project (see blog below).


walk the talk

Speaking, writing, pastoring requires education, accountability. Elizabeth Stone's undergrad was a B.S. in math, with French and education, and most recently a master of divinity.  Erin Stone has completed a BBA with an emphasis in wedding and event planning.  We have invested in accredited suicide prevention training to be the best and safest possible resources, and also to link people to our help network.  Our calling to speaking and writing is enhanced with experience and education.  How can we help you? 

Speaking of Church

Stanford Presbyterian Church

Come hear Pastor Elizabeth Stone at: 

Stanford Presbyterian Church

213 E. Main Street

Stanford, KY 40514

Sunday School for all ages at 10:00 a.m. 

Worship at 11:00 a.m.

Our church family is Christ-centered, Spirit-filled and mission-driven, with something for everyone.  Whatever you're looking for: group Bible Study, Sunday School, women's Bible Studies, youth group,  elementary programs, mission trips at home and abroad,  Fort Logan food drive and  community ministry, AA weekly, a monthly community meal called "Barley Basket", and shared ministry with other churches, you'll find it at Stanford Presbyterian Church.  Come check us out for great worship and shared fellowship.  

Stanford Presbyterian Church: A Christ-Centered, Mission-Driven Church

"As the Father has sent Me, even so I am sending you."  ~Jesus

John 20:21

Click here to visit our website!

Click here to visit our website!

Speaking of the Work

We believe

WVLIVINGSTONE is a faith-based Christian ministry.  We believe our loving and holy God exists and has saved the world through Jesus Christ.  


We worship God, Who does not hide from us but reveals divine love and grace through the inerrant Word, the Bible.  


Spiritual problems need spiritual solutions.  Our books, events, and products are for soul care: for healing, for redemption, for finding purpose and joy in vocation.  We are loved by God, saved by God, and sent by God. 

Our Story

Survivors and Advocates

We volunteer as advocates for suicide prevention, for awareness, recovery and healing because in 2007 this became part of our story, when Erin attempted suicide at seventeen. Our journey was not exactly smooth, but we found out two crucial things in the process: suicide is not rare and is on the rise; and the church has not been prepared to cope with this epidemic. The hardest part for us was the silence, no one wanted to talk about suicide, but silence and inaction only lend more power to this terrible killer.  Valley of the Shadow, was written to break the silence about a subject that has too long been taboo in religious circles, to jump start the conversations that lead to healing.  


Your Life Matters!

WV Suicide Prevention Council


WVSPC advocates for suicide prevention and awareness in West Virginia.  They provide programs and training for professionals, schools, and interested citizens. 

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Beckley Out of the Darkness Walk 9/15/2018

AFSP is a national organization that advocates for suicide prevention through volunteers who organize Out of the Darkness Walks, raise money, promote legistation, visit politicians, and provide resources to help those in suicidal depression or in recovery from an attempt or a completed suicide. 

1-800-273-TALK (8255)


If you need help today call the



If you are a veteran, press 1 for specialized help.  


Erin's Verse


"For I know the plans that I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans for welfare and not for harm, to give you a future and a hope."  Jeremiah 29:11

We trust in our God Who always plans for the future, Who is with us for the long haul, and always has new hope for our immediate need and for eternity.

Hit Pause; Not Stop


Jesus said, "Behold, I make all things new!"  We live in a fallen creation and we are broken people, but the hope of faith is resurrection power.  So when problems come, and come they will, hit pause.  Get help.  Reach out.  Christ will meet you where you are.  He makes all things new.  Do-overs are His specialty. 

Helping Others


"Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter."  Proverbs 24:11

We support organizations that promote the sanctity of life and help people find new purpose and meaning in life.