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Valley of the Shadow by Elizabeth and Erin Stone

Mother and daughter co-authors take on this relevant and difficult topic of suicide, giving a deeply personal testimony about Erin’s attempted suicide in 2007 by over-the-counter overdose. Not only do they share their darkest days, but also their journey back to normalcy. They take on the hard questions: What does the Bible say about suicide? How should the Church respond to a suicide attempt? A suicide completion? How can faith communities raise awareness and prevent this terrible killer? What extra help comes to believers through faith in Christ? How do we move on from the dark place of suicide to renewed life? As you journey through its pages, you will find hope in sharing their compelling story. 

Presbyterians Protecting Life: Guest Blog

Worst. Day. Ever. by Elizabeth Stone

That day I found my seventeen-year-old daughter lying in her closet in pools of vomit, unresponsive and … (Read more)

Listen to our story on Hope is Here

Valley of the Shadow of Death

Another podcast conversation: Elizabeth Stone with Greg Horn, host of Hope is Here on WJMM 99.1 FM in Lexington.

Back from the land of the enemy

Elizabeth’s newest conversation with Greg Horn on Hope is Here.

I found Her in the Closet

Greg from Hope is Here interviews Elizabeth and Erin Stone about their story of attempted suicide and their journey of survival.

What was she thinking?

Greg from Hope is Here continues his conversation with Elizabeth and Erin Stone about surviving suicide.

The Devil Ain’t Lazy

Greg from Hope is Here continues his conversation with Elizabeth about what she learned about suicide and how the church needs to step up and help those who are victims or survivors at this time of crisis.

With Life Comes Many Scars

Greg wraps up his conversation with Elizabeth who encourages us about how we can all find HOPE with Jesus, especially during a traumatic time. Remember Jeremiah 31:16-17.

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Simply Fitt with Sandra White

We volunteer and advocate for suicide prevention, for awareness, for recovery and healing because in 2007 this became part of our story, when Erin attempted suicide at seventeen. Our journey was not exactly smooth, but we found out two crucial things in the process: suicide is not rare and is on the rise; and the church has not been prepared to cope with this epidemic. Silence and inaction only lend more power to this terrible killer. Valley of the Shadow, was written to break the silence about a subject that has too long been taboo in religious communities, to start the conversations that lead to healing. In Out of the Darkness walks with AFSP, Veteran walks, setting up tables at local events, participating in legislative days at state capitols, & prayer vigils, we share our call to action for the church and culture.

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