Sound of Freedom

Human trafficking.  A heartbreaking problem that lurks around the edge of our artificial fortresses of security until we are forced to face its grim reality through our own tragic experience of it, or through a film like Sound of Freedom.  Based on a true story, this film traces the abduction of two children who are lured, captured, and trafficked in a diabolical web of criminals who navigate between the normative world of family and the darkness of slavery.  Specific but not graphic, this story is not for children to view.  

Director Alejandro Monteverde also wrote the script, collaborating with writer Rod Barr.  Set in Columbia and California, the action moves seamlessly between English and Spanish, weaving the characters and places together in a riveting drama.  The movie stars Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard, a real-life Homeland Security agent who gets wrapped up in the tragic plight of children trafficked to pedophiles.  Masterfully supported by actors Bill Camp, Yessica Borrato, and Mira Sorvino, the story is compelling, and we pursue the kidnapped children through the streets of Tijuana and the jungles of the cartels. Excellently produced, the visuals are stunning, the cinematography impressive, and for two hours and eleven minutes we are drawn into a world most of us dare not even imagine. 

Filmed in 2018, a distribution deal was made with 20th Century Fox, but when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios put the project away.  Five years later Angel Studios acquired the release rights, and immediately scheduled distribution beginning July 4, 2023.  Released in a relatively limited number of theaters, this movie has outperformed every expectation, already grossing over 58 million dollars, and surpassing popular franchise releases by the Indiana Jones series and Insidious, The Red Door, which debuted in more locations.  Scattered reviews target this film as religious, but there is no overt faith message. Some say it is the products of conspiracy theorists, yet that doesn’t compute in the face of the facts: millions of children are being trafficked in the world today, with the United States as one of the highest consumers of this vile slave trade. It is difficult to argue with the massive success of this landmark film. And audiences continue to grow.  Through a pay it forward option, movie goers can purchase tickets for others to expand the influence of this important film. 

Go see Sound of Freedom.  Be moved by its powerful message, and find links to support the efforts of many people who are striving to end modern-day slavery for good.

Angel Studios:

Operation Underground Railroad – Tim Ballard’s website:

Tim Tebow’s foundation also works to end human trafficking:

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