Just Clear Me to Fly!

Sitting at a red light, minding my own business, anticipating great things for my upcoming study leave, and BAM! a drunk driver crashed into the rear of my car.  My head slammed against the head rest whipped forward, and then hit that head rest again. (not very soft at all).  The Dawn Treader, my well-loved, well-used, and let me just add paid off mini-SUV took the brunt of the hit, got a nasty 2-foot by 1½ foot dent in it, plastic bumper was split, and the hatch was smashed shut.  This guy got out of his car, said it all looked okay to him, and suggested I just drive home.  Did I mention I’d forgotten my cell phone?  Then he finished his beer, slipped over into the passenger seat, and tried to convince police that he hadn’t been behind the wheel, that the real driver must have run away.  Police took him into custody and urged me to go to the ER and get checked out. Instead I drove home; I wasn’t concussed, and the rear lights and wiper still worked.  Yet after a lot more urging from insurance agents, car repairmen, and random servers at the local restaurant, I decided to go to my doctor.  And all I wanted from her was: JUST CLEAR ME TO FLY!

Why? Study leave.  My annual reset of Sabbath, learning, and connection with old friends.  I was headed first to South Carolina for the ECO Presbyterian Church National Gathering, then a delayed Santa run to my grandchildren, and finally a flight to Reno, Nevada for a “What If?” weekend retreat with Mike and Kimberly Rayburn.  The doc was thorough and even gave me an open offer of a head scan. More importantly, she CLEARED ME TO FLY!!!!!!

I started study leave leading a breakout session for ECO: “Safe Places, Sacred Spaces: Creating a Culture of Life in the Church Family” which had a fantastic response (thank you for your prayers!). Then I just got to relax and absorb all the good stuff.  Loved the Metanoia message from authors Alan Hirsch and Rob Kelly, loved the worship, loved the opportunities to connect with other ministries.  In Reno the Rayburns welcomed us into their home and led us in creating plans to become virtuosos in our lives and careers.  With new clarity for my calling, I returned energized to soar into this season of ministry.  But . . . my car is still in the shop, and I’m spending time, money and energy to return to normal, and I confess it has me in a holding pattern. Waiting on the LORD.   One of my all-time favorite verses reminds us that everything is wholly dependent on God: “But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint!” Isaiah 40:31   Are you, like me, in a holding pattern?  Waiting for the LORD, God promises that we will be renewed in our strength, that our perseverance is honored, and we will mount up and soar like eagles. Our flight path in Kingdom expansion is pre-determined by God for timing, for strengthening, for energy, for opportunity.  So let’s stretch our wings and while we wait, pray: Lord Jesus, JUST CLEAR US TO FLY!

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