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First 30 Day 13 Going Public

And what does baptism say?  It’s going public, saying we believe in God, that we are for God, that we belong to God.  And immediately after Jesus is baptized, the rest of the Trinity shows up to confirm His declaration.  The Holy Spirit descends on Jesus, and the Father’s voice booms out, “This is My beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased.”

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First 30 Day 11 Stable Birth

Far from home, in a strange and crowded city, Mary gave birth to her firstborn Son outside an inn, because there was no room inside. The stable area would have been a kind of lean-to, and the manger that cradled the Lord of glory was probably hollowed out stone.  She rubbed Him with salt, wrapped Him in strips of cloth, and put Him to sleep in a cattle trough, padded with hay. And Joseph, her husband, gives the Child the name: Jesus, which means, “God saves.” 

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