Elizabeth Stone

Sound of Freedom

Human trafficking.  A heartbreaking problem that lurks around the edge of our artificial fortresses of security until we are forced to face its grim reality through our own tragic experience of it, or through a film like Sound of Freedom.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Salvation always includes calling, and in different times and places and seasons the works God has prepared for us may play to our natural strengths, or they may force us to lean into the Holy Spirit for divine spiritual gifts and resources to accomplish the tasks He has called us to do.  Calling also always brings blessing. 

Start with Worship

Start with worship.  When Ezra and the exiles return to Jerusalem after seventy years, they come home to: devastation.  Standing on the barren plateau where the Temple of the LORD once stood, nothing is left.  Across a landscape of broken stone, broken walls, not even the foundation is left.  With the sun beating down on …

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