Start with Worship

Start with worship.  When Ezra and the exiles return to Jerusalem after seventy years, they come home to: devastation.  Standing on the barren plateau where the Temple of the LORD once stood, nothing is left.  Across a landscape of broken stone, broken walls, not even the foundation is left.  With the sun beating down on

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Launch the Boats!

But if I have learned anything as a Christian, it is that keeping a stiff upper lip simply means we have hot lava in our souls that attacks God’s love for us, our salvation in Christ, and our Holy Spirit access to help.  When I finally had the courage to become vulnerable and start speaking out about our pain, two things happened: I found I was not the only one dealing with this pain, and I found blessed release in naming the name of the pain out loud. 

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Double Crown

We are God’s high stewards, benevolent leaders to bless and protect and promote the earth and all the lower creatures so that the world continues to be beautiful, fruitful, clean, and strong. Like a silver crown of beauty that declares our calling to be God’s agents in this realm, stewardship is a legacy we pass on automatically from generation to generation. 

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